B.B. Gallini (carriemonster) wrote in creepytikicrew,
B.B. Gallini

creepy tiki brews reviews!

they are gone until next year!
boo :(
But really you guys I have to tell you about these products!

I ordered the mai tai soap and body spray and the mimi midori soap and body spray
and key lime lip balm! Yummmm

Everything smells so so good. Very tropical and delightful. Excellent for summer or when you are in need of a vacation but can't get to the islands!
I really wish I would have ordered more.

This stuff makes your skin so soft. Much better than bath and body works or bodyshop etc. and it's a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Even though the tiki scents are gone, she has a ton of lovely scents to chose from.
I'll be ordering the pumpkin soon!

check it out http://www.necromantique.com
pretty baubles and art work for your pleasure too!
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