L or D (drawingthenail) wrote in creepytikicrew,
L or D

Creepy Tiki Crew Brews are back!

This is our exclusive summertime line and only available from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year! This is a taste of what you'll find in our specialty line!

Ginger Milk - An exotic scent with notes of ginger flowers, nutmeg, bergamot, coriander, with the heart of peach, jasmine, ginger root, ending with hints of musk and sandalwood.

Tahitian Flowers - A tropical paradise of Tahitian gardenia and a fresh twist of tropical fruit beautifully blended into one sensual fragrance.

Mauna Loa Mango - A fun fruity fragrance that smells delicious and is incredibly uplifting, especially on a hot and humid day.

Paradise - Tropical and fruity with a twist of mandarin orange.

Coco Loco - Ever thought of bringing sand and a wading pool into your livingroom? You'll want to with this fabulous scent! Have your own beach party with this paradise powerhouse that screams sweet, luscious coconut!

Mimi Midori
- Melons, vanilla, and musk. Ohhhh la la. This is one sexy fruity scent!

Mai Tai - An alluring bouquet of exotic fruits. The top note blends mandarin orange, dewfruit, sweet pineapple and tempting red apple. Its floral twist combines luscious plum, rose, peony and white lily. Base notes are lightly laced with sensual sandalwood and exotic musk

Spicy Lime - Spicy Lime is a tart, yet spiced scent that is very invigorating and masculine.

Grapefruit Jasmine - A zesty blend of fresh picked citrus notes paired with the sultry aroma of jasmine.

Visit the Vanity Section at Necromantique and stock up!
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