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New Creepy Tiki Crew Brew scent

Coco Loco has gone the way of the dodo... I've retired the scent for now and replaced it with a wonderful new blend I think you're going to love!

Mai Tai - An alluring bouquet of exotic fruits. The top note blends mandarin orange, dewfruit, sweet pineapple and tempting red apple. Its floral twist combines luscious plum, rose, peony and white lily. Base notes are lightly laced with sensual sandalwood and exotic musk.

3rd Tiki Done

Aquired five fine palm logs, and here's the first of the five finished.  It was a study in how to make the legs. 

Tiki beads

So, I think people here will appreciate this artists work:

I attended http://www.thehukilau.com/2007/ and this artist was there:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


I met up with the artists and their beads are even better in person!

When I get some downtime I will be looking into making some tiki beads, but in a clear glass for now. I don't have an annealing oven, someday...someday.

Really cool purses

Check out these purses on Ebay!
LOVE the tiki purse! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

In case you're interested, Carrie... ;)

There are two new products in the Creepy Tiki Crew Brew section on Necromantique.

Creepy Tiki Crew Brew Body Spirits (body mist)
Creepy Tiki Crew Brew Body Polish (body scrub)

Hey Ian... :P

My Tikis

Recently carved my first real Tikis and thought I'd share.

The Atomic Lounge

Well well well - our tiki space started out small. I figure I'll post what I happen to have and then I'll post a current one once we clean up our porch a bit:

The bar area (mood lighing of course)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot at 2007-07-19

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